Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Prestige Records at 60... Pt. 1

Amidst all of the justifiable, but slightly self serving hoopla surrounding the 70th Anniversary of a certain record label, it seems the jazz brain trust has missed out on another, and perhaps more significant milestone - the 60th birthday of Prestige Records, arguably the greatest jazz label of all time.

For further proof of this glaring oversight, simply do a Google search on Prestige Records 60th Anniversary.

But then again, Bob Weinstock always knew, when he created Prestige in 1949, that he would have to play second fiddle to Blue Note, unless he could come up with a different way of doing things. And of course, he did and it made him and scores of gifted improvisers famous.

One look above at the diverging arrows in the label's logo speaks volumes about the "Weinstock method", which we'll describe in greater detail... within our next post.

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