Wednesday, July 27, 2011


What do Jazz and Video games have in common? - The answer could be something else you may not know about - The National Jazz Harlem! We make that inference because a relatively small amount of cyberspace has been occupied by NJMH since it's 2003 opening and the most recent news about the museum (which is operated by  The Smithsonian Institution) comes in the form of an announcement of a partnership with the World Wide Workshop to teach youth jazz and digital literacy through Globaloria, a youth network for learning how to make videogames. Check out the rest of the info on the NJMH website.

Actor Don Cheadle is making noise again about producing and starring in a Miles Davis film that "isn't a bio-pic."  Now, you may ask, as I did when I read the news, "how can you make a film about a real life, historical figure such as Miles without addressing important biographical aspects of his life and art..." maybe that's Hollywood-speak for "we don't quite know what it is yet...."  In any case I like Don and I applaud his efforts to bring the story of Miles to the screen. Read more about what Cheadle says about the project here and here.

By the way, if you're a jazz devotee living in the Nation's Capital and you haven't checked out the DC jazz site CapitalBop, shame on you. If you plan to visit DC anytime soon and jazz is your thing, the site is a must.

I live in both DC and NYC and one of my favorite Greenwich Village haunts is the turn of the century, used-to-be-speakeasy AKA the 55 Bar. Always a terrific hang -  your bound to see and hear amazing, marquee value musicians playing or checking out their favorite players in a casual, inspired and close-knit setting. The amazing husband and wife guitar icons, Mike and Leni Stern are regulars as is uber-drummer Antonio Sanchez. I've seen his frequent collaborator, Pat Metheny hangin' at the 55 during several of Antonio's gigs. I've also had the pleasure of occupying the corner end of the bar with piano legend Cecil Taylor on a few occasions; it's a real pleasure (and an honor) to see him holding court, sharing insights about life, love and the universe. He's so comfortable there you would think it was his living room. Now I hear we might see Cecil at the 55 a little less - since he's raising money to turn his home of 40 years, living room included, into a museum!

  Cecil Taylor at home

Wow! Read more about Cecil's plan here. I know would pay to pay Mr. Taylor a visit, so to speak, how about you?

Finally...I find the NPR Jazz Blog, A Blog Supreme to be a smart, entertaining and insightful addition to the jazz "blogosphere", but it must have been a slow day for news when they decided to post this story....Eighteen Jazz Musicians Nicknamed 'Sonny' (Or The Like).  Check it out, and let me know what you think....

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